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Diversity Lacking in Entertainment

By Danniella Banks

Recently, the focus of those in the field of diversity and inclusion has been on the tech industry. With Google, Facebook, Twitter and others releasing company demographics, you might have missed the other data that has come out about the diversity of the entertainment industry, mostly TV and film.

USC Anneberg completed a study on the film industry and its inclusion of actors and actresses from various racial and ethnic backgrounds. What they found probably wasn’t all that shocking to anyone who watches American movies. Hispanics and Latinos are the most underrepresented in speaking parts, followed by African Americans. Think of the last movie you saw from the past five years? The chances that it had a lead role portrayed by a Hispanic, Latino or African American is slim to none, and many of them probably didn’t have a character with a speaking role from one of these groups.

One plus side, Broadway has cast its first African American Phantom of the Opera and Cinderella. These castings have excited many in the entertainment industry, but they still have a long way to go.

With the new data that USC Anneberg reported, it will be interesting to see if there will be any changes made in the near future to cast more Hispanics and Latinos in movies as lead characters, or at least characters with a speaking role. Hopefully, if changes are made, it is because the actor or actress truly deserves the job, and not because of their race or ethnicity. No matter what happens, it will definitely be interesting to see the what comes out of this new data.



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