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Broadening the Diversity and Inclusion Landscape by Danniella Banks

With companies, such as Google, in the news for its problems with diversity, many are now more aware of the issues that are present in today’s workforce. While there are organizations that are struggling, others are taking great strides to make its employee base more diverse and inclusive. Yet despite the advancements, there are still many groups that are going unnoticed in the diversity landscape.

In a recent article by Reuters, it is explained that while companies are embracing diversity, they are overlooking the fact that disabilities make people diverse as well. Those with disabilities account for over 1 billion people, according to the World Health Organization. Even though this is one of the largest minority groups, it is also the group that is the most underrepresented.

The recent struggles with regards to those with disabilities is easily seen with the problems that VA hospitals have been having. For some reason, people who have fought to defend our country have been pushed by the wayside just because they have medical needs and disabilities that may be difficult to care for. Additionally, those who are in charge of these hospitals are not following their policies of helping veterans, no matter what their ailments or disabilities may be.

The issue with the VA and other organizations that don’t take the time to care for those with disabilities is that it can lead to higher rates of homelessness, suicides and other negative consequences– all because some are unable to look past the disability and see the real person. Even though someone may have a disability, it doesn’t mean that the disability is an integral part of who the individual is, or he/she cannot hold a job. Yes, companies may need to make extra measures to ensure that the person is in an environment that is tailored to their needs, but many of these steps are easy to take. This is what inclusion is all about.

While some organizations are struggling to maintain diversity when it comes to the disabled and ex-military, these 10 are at the top for hiring veterans, according to a 2012 Huffington Post article:

1. DuPont
2. CSX
3. GE
4. J.B. Hunt
5. ManTech International
6. PG&E
7. G4S
8. Ameren
9. Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF)
10. USAA

Beyond hiring, these companies are good examples to look at when trying to create meaningful workplace programs for veterans.


Danniella Banks is the Sales and Marketing Specialist of the Society for Diversity, the #1 largest professional association for diversity and inclusion. For more information about the Society for Diversity, log onto

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