Inspiring Leadership with Diversity, Inclusion & Cultural Competence

The Institute for Diversity Certification (IDC) received its new approval of its licensing exams from the Indiana State Approving Agency. This new approval will allow more veterans and active duty military to participate in the program and be reimburse the cost of the exam once they have passed.

The process for the exams to be approved by the Indiana State Approving Agency was about six months, but it came just in time for the final testing window for 2014, which will take place in November. “Many current military and veterans work within the field of diversity and inclusion, and we are proud to be able to provide this program to them,” stated Ed Burns, Registrar, IDC. “By earning this approval, we hope to see many more candidates for certification earn their designation.

The next opportunity for veterans, active duty military and other diversity professionals to earn their diversity certification is in November, with classes starting in September. Those enrolled have the option to study on their own for the exam, take an eight week online course or a three day intensive classroom based course. The deadline to register is August 22.

The current cost for the program ranges from $600 to $3,000, depending on the type of credential (CDP or CDE) and the preparation method. There is a 20% discount available for members of The Society for Diversity, and the membership cost is $169. Additionally, companies that send three (3) or more employees for certification will receive a 30% discount.

Two components of the program have proved to be extremely valuable for both candidates and the organization’s for whom they work: (1) the study guide and (2) the Candidate Project.  The CDP and CDE study guides are the most comprehensive diversity and inclusion (D&I) resources available today. Not only do they provide the backdrop for diversity and inclusion work, but the 300+ page books furnish step-by-step instructions for how to successfully achieve better D&I outcomes. The Candidate Project must be a recently developed diversity plan, cultural climate analysis, research or evaluation of current D&I efforts. This usable professional work is peer-reviewed and rated on a pass/fail basis only.

Those interested in registering for the November 2014 testing window can apply online or by fax by visiting The deadline to apply is August 22, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. EST. The next exam window starts in April 2015.

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