Inspiring Leadership with Diversity, Inclusion & Cultural Competence

Now is a great time to apply for Diversity Certification in 2013!

The Institute for Diversity Certification offers a program where participants have had life-changing experiences! From getting a seat at the table, to obtaining new jobs, to launching new initiatives for other diversity professionals, these designees are changing the world…

Whatever career stage you are in, the Certified Diversity Professional (CDP) and Certified Diversity Executive (CDE) credentials indicate excellence and achievement in the field of diversity and inclusion. Previous participants report that the benefits of our program include:

•  An Online Preparation Course That You Can Take from Anywhere

•  Recorded Class Sessions That You Can Listen to at Any Time

•  A 300+ Page, Comprehensive Study Guide That Extends Your Knowledge of “How to”

•  Four Exam Windows in 2013 with More Than 800 Testing Centers

•  A Cohort of Professionals Representing All Sectors

•  Real-life Examples of Impact from CDE- and CDP-Designated Instructors

•  A Cost Effective Program That Really Works!

Apply today for the 2013 program at Classes start in January for the April Exam Window.

Also, get a FREE one-year membership to the Society for Diversity and an instant 20% discount on diversity certification, if you apply for your CDP or CDE credentials by October 31, 2012. Current members will receive an additional year of membership for enrolling in the program too! Apply today at

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